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LLM (Semester Pattern)

About MATS Law School

LLM (Department of post-graduate studies and research)

These courses shall be of 4 semesters duration to be known as 1st semester 2nd semester, 3rd semester, 4th semester.
LLM 1st Semester :-
  • Law and social transformation
  • Constitutional law- new challenges
  • Legal theory
  • Legal method
  • Paper 1 of specialization group
LLM 2nd Semester :-
  • Judicial process
  • Legal education
  • Research methodology
  • Paper 2 of specialization group
LLM 3rd Semester :-
  • Paper 3 of specialization group
  • Paper 4 of specialization group
  • Paper 5 of specialization group
  • Paper 6 of specialization group
LLM 4th Semester :-
  • Law teaching for 6 months compulsory
  • Paper 7 of specialization group
  • Paper 8 of specialization group OR Dissertation in lieu of Paper 7 and 8

Note : in all the papers there shall be a written examination. All the papers shall be of 100 maximum marks. 60 marks maximum shall be assigned for written examination in each semester and 40 marks for continuous internal assessment. In each subject. The minimum pass mark in each paper shall be 50 wherein marks obtained in written examination and internal assessment shall be counted and added together.

Specialization groups

The student shall have to offer minimum 8 papers from any one group. He will have option to offer dissertation on any subject from the group offered for written paper for dissertation but the topic for dissertation shall not be on the subjects or from the subjects offered for written examination.. The dissertation shall carry marks equal to two written papers. In LLM final students may offer any one of the following groups. Each group shall carry number of papers as specified in the brochure issued by the University each year. The specialization groups are as given below:

  • Corporate and business law group
  • Constitutional and administrative law group
  • Property law including IPR
  • International law including Human rights
  • International trade and economic law
  • Criminal law