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LLM (Annual Pattern)

About MATS Law School

LLM (Department of post-graduate studies and research)

These courses shall be of 2 years duration to be known as LLM previous and LLM final. In LLM previous – the following seven compulsory subjects shall be taught to the students joining LLM previous.
  • Law and social transformation
  • Constitutional law- new challenges
  • Legal theory
  • Legal method
  • Judicial process
  • Legal education
  • Research methodology

Note: in all the papers there shall be a written examination. All the papers shall be of 100 maximum marks. The minimum pass marks in all the papers shall be 50 in each. ATKT rules shall apply as in other examinations of the University.

LLM Final Course Matrix and Syllabus

In LLM the following groups for specialization are to be offered with prior permission of the Director MATS Law School. The Director shall be at liberty to refuse permission to offer any particular group depending on the availability of any experts in the faculty. The application for choosing area of specialization shall be given in the office of the Director within 10 days after the date of declaration of the results of LLM previous. However, the vice chancellor may on the recommendation of the director extend the date aforesaid by one month on payment od late fee which shall not be less than 5000. No power beyond that exists any University body or authority for giving permission to choose the group thereafter as stated above. If any student fails to give his choice of the group of specialization within the period aforesaid, he shall not be eligible to take admission in LLM final in that year.

The student shall have to offer minimum 8 papers from any one group. He will have option to offer dissertation on any subject from the group offered for written paper for dissertation but the topic for dissertation shall not be on the subjects or from the subjects offered for written examination.. The dissertation shall carry marks equal to two written papers. In LLM final students may offer any one of the following groups. Each group shall carry number of papers as specified in the brochure issued by the University each year. The specialization groups are as given below:

  • Corporate and business law group
  • Constitutional and administrative law group
  • Property law including IPR
  • International law including Human rights
  • International trade and economic law
  • Criminal law


Dissertation shall be compulsory in LLM final. It shall be on any topic relating to the group wherein the candidate has chosen to specialize. But the topic must be from a subject other than which has been chosen for written examination. The topic shall be chosen well in advance at the time of admission in LLM final with the approval of Head of the Department who shall also assign a supervisor for each student.

The dissertation shall not be of less than 250 pages typed and shall be forwarded by the Supervisor to the HOD and shall be deposited in the MATS Law school office to be forwarded to the examination section. The dissertation must be submitted 10 days before the commencement of the written examination.
The dissertation shall be of maximum 200 marks, 150 maximum for dissertation, out of which 75 maximum by internal evaluator, and 75 maximum for external evaluator, the pass marks shall be 40 from each examiner out of 75.

The viva-voce board shall be constituted by the University on the recommendation of the Director, MATS Law School for conducting viva of each student which shall include the HOD or his nominee and the teacher who supervised the dissertation.

In viva the maximum marks shall be maximum 50 and pass marks shall be minimum 30. Students shall have to pass separately in evaluation done by the internal examiner and also done by external examiner and the evaluation done by the viva-voce board. Failure in any of the written paper or internal evaluation of dissertation , or external evaluation of the dissertation or viva voce shall mean failing in the whole semester and the student shall have to appear in LLM final, all papers, in which he appearsd in written examination and shall have to submit revised dissertation for fresh valuation and shall have to appear in viva accordingly along with new batch of the students coming in for evaluation next year. He will be treated as ex student and shall not be required to pay tuition fee. However examination fee including fee for evaluating dissertation and for conducting viva shall be charged by the University.

Note: it is made clear that dissertation student may write papers either in Hindi or English but if the examinee submits dissertation in Hindi, he will have to submit English translation thereof in triplicate copies. Dissertation in Hindi alone shall not be accepted for evaluation.

Course matrix of LLM final Specialization group

The details of the syllabus shall be given to the students after the choice of the specialization group is made available by them in the office of the Director indicating therein the 8 papers chosen by them from that particular group or 6 papers for written examination and topic of dissertation in lieu of remaining tow papers is made available in the office of the Director MATS Law School in writing within the period as indicated above for admission immediately thereafter.