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Director's Message

The vision of the MATS Law School is to be ranked "Numero Uno" amongst the premier law schools of the country. MATS Law School will strive to achieve excellence in legal education through globally relevant academic programs, outstanding faculty members, interactive teaching pedagogy, limitless clinical trainings and far-reaching projects.

Learning at MATS Law School would stretch beyond the boundary of prescribed syllabus. A team of distinguished Judges, Legal Practitioners and Consultants, Social Activists, Corporate Counsels, and Faculty Members of law schools across the country would intimately nurture the talent of the students.

MATS Law School would be transformed to an unique “Knowledge Center“ where each student would be empowered with the knowledge, passion and drive to excel as leaders in the legal profession, judiciary, public service, non-profit & non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurships, and corporate entities. MATS Law School would be a preferred destination for every “Law“aspirant and a benchmark for budding law schools of the country.

MATS Law School will be a place of continual activity, and unrelenting vitality. The array of experiences and opportunities that the Law School offers has no parallel in legal education in India. The range of academic and extracurricular activities, along with the variety of faculty and students, will make each day a potential adventure.

MATS Law School's commitment to rigorous and exciting legal training is intimately connected to the MATS University's commitment to path breaking scholarship. Using a wide range of methodologies and bringing to bear insights from numerous other academic disciplines, the faculty of MATS Law School will plumb the depths of everything.

MATS Law School will provide in its classrooms and co/extra-curricular activities an extraordinary educational experience. It will inculcate all the required skills such as Good oral and written communication skills, Analytical and Reasoning Skills, Initiative, Personal Impact, Resilience, Teamwork, Legal Awareness, Planning and Organizing, through its innovative course matrix.

If you are a student here, the School will expect much of you; from the very first day of class, it will challenge you to think and do things you didn't know you could. It will reward you by exposing you to ideas that will captivate and inspire you, by teaching you skills and ways of thought that will serve as the foundation of your career.

If you are the one we are looking for, again we welcome you to join the MATS Law School.

Dr. G.P. Tripathi,
Director, MATS Law School.