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Computer Lab @ MATS Law School

Clinical Program

Advent and tremendous development of Information Technology has left its mark in the field of law as well. Today, it is almost impossible to carry out quality research in law without the assistance of computers. Book-based research alone has almost reduced to a myth of the past. To modernize legal research and equip the students in that direction, the Law School has two full fledged air-conditioned computer labs, (in spite of all students having their own personal lap tops) which provides the students access to all important and updated databases. A separate Lab Instructor is appointed in order to facilitate the use of the computer lab. The Law School from time to time organizes various training programs for use of the databases by the faculty of School of Information Technology, MATS University.

The Law School has free access to internet facility along with online legal databases like Westlaw International, and Ebsco Host. These databases are used by teachers and students for research for projects, moot courts and other academic activities.